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Creating a more Transparent Chicago

  • Support the creation of a City Charter by putting together a charter commission and working with the Illinois General Assembly. Chicago is the only big city in the country without one. We are governed by customs and traditions instead of an actual document; instituting a charter will make it easier for citizen-led ordinances to become law, establish real rules of order in City Council, and protect Chicago from unilateral decision making from the Mayor.

  • Allow City Council picks its own leadership structure like in a real legislature with a Council President or a Council Speaker. Council leadership should be empowered to pick their own committee chairs, and City Council will have their own parliamentarian.


  • Establish a clear, accessible procedure that will enable more resident-led ordinances. Allow residents who propose these ordinances to remain involved and engaged in the legislative process.
  • Improve the Office of the Inspector General by establishing stricter standards of transparency, accountability and reporting.

  • Get rid of Rule 41 – the “direct introduction” section of Rule 41 allows the Mayor and City Departments to add a subject matter to a Committee’s voting agenda without providing any specifics about its content in advance. Removing Rule 41 will create a more transparent committee voting process.

  • Institute a transparent, community-facing ward map redistricting process ahead of the next census.

  • Evaluate existing governance ordinances, including the portion of Chicago’s municipal code that mandates having a mayor-appointed administrative officer, to analyze their usefulness in today’s Chicago. Identify areas where we can drive greater efficiency.

The Plan

The Plan

Together, we can put Kam’s 4 Star Plan into immediate action.